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  1. You could have heard a pin drop?

    You could have heard a pin drop?

    The social media success of 2012 has come from a rather unlikely source.

    Pinterest enables you to upload pictures to a virtual board. So it’s a bit like Facebook without the drama. The site lets you store and share your favourite images on the web.

    Sounds simple enough right? It is.

    The stats from the U.S.A show Pinterest is the first network to get to 10 million unique visitors than any independent website ever. Even more interesting is that 97% of users are women, and 9 million of its 10.4 million users actually log in through Facebook.

    In the UK, there are currently 200,000 users. Highlighted in the recent infographic from visual.ly

    We’re loving the possibilities of Pinterest, both for the public and retailers. I don’t think it will be long until we see some stunning conversions from E-Commerce sites, enabling people to discover, share and even convert from this platform. It’s widely reported that Pinterest generates more referral traffic to brands than LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube combined.

    If a picture says a thousand words, then Pinterest could develop in to something quite special.

    Example of a Pinterest search: bikes


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