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  1. UK email market worth £495 million in 2013

    UK email market worth £495 million in 2013

    The UK market for email marketing platforms and services will be worth an estimated £495 million by the end of 2013, according to Econsultancy research published this week.

    Econsultancy’s valuation includes revenue earned by email service providers (ESPs), money spent on agency services (in addition to ESP revenues), and the cost of internal staff resources relating specifically to email.

    According to the Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2013, the market grew by 13% in 2012 to a value of £438 million, and will grow by a further 13% in 2013.

    Despite the proliferation of different channels which can be used to communicate with consumers, email’s efficiency, reliability and relative transparency have helped secure budget allocation.

    According to the guide, email creates the best return for brands when it is integrated with other channels. With consumer journeys no longer being a linear experience, businesses need to treat email as part of a wider cross-channel marketing strategy.

    The research also highlighted the importance of adapting email for different devices, given that consumers increasingly check their emails while on the move, using mobile and tablet devices.

    Econsultancy’s Research Analyst Bola Awoniyi said: “The rise of new devices presents both opportunities and challenges for email marketers. Marketers have the ability to reach customers anywhere, at any time, and be highly relevant and targeted.

    “However, companies need to adapt their messages to optimise the mobile and touch-screen experience. Failure to do so can result in lost business or create a negative perception of the brand.”

    Key market trends in 2013

    - Email continues to deliver strong and measurable return on investment

    - Companies focus on cross-channel marketing as consumer touch points proliferate

    - Data-driven email strategy drives efficiency, but few take advantage

    - Mobile keeps growing in size and influence

    - Context is just as important as content


    Example email for Card Town designed and built by LHM


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