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  1. The future of Web is HTML 5?

    The future of Web is HTML 5?

    This infographic created by Focus helps bring to life just how exciting HTML5 is to this industry, and may even keep the everyday user or client interested long enough to read it all!

    At LHM we are strongly backing HTML5 as the future of web development, not only to join the revolution but to future-proof our clients’ projects. With HTML5 & CSS3, we can keep the content accessible & useable to more people on a wider range of devices.

    Whilst we’re aware of the issue that older versions of Internet Explorer don’t support the new HTML5 elements, there is a way to ensure IE recognises these elements via some simple JavaScript (for the developers reading this, view Remy Sharps blog).

    There is an argument for us to cut layout support for IE6 completely, (universal Internet Explorer 6 CSS) but we don’t agree this is the best solution for all our clients at this moment in time. Whilst it is something we would hope we can do long term, some clients still rely on IE6 and so we will still offer full support where required.

    Why clients need to embrace HTML5.

    • It future proofs the client’s website as it’s developed to the capabilities of the best browsers
    • Using HTML5 & CSS3 is more accessibile and usable, which allows a client’s website to be viewed by a much wider audience than just browsers on a computer. (Which is not the case for companies that develop their clients’ websites for the capabilities of Internet Exporer 6)
    • Development speed is increased which helps us to complete projects faster, to a higher standard and allows us to give better value-for-money
    • Amends are easier to complete at development stage, as they are less time consuming – vital in any project, when considering both deadlines and budgets

    To sum up, it’s faster to develop, reaches a wider audience,
    costs less & has a longer shelf life.

    Jeffrey Zeldman has written a very good article called “2010: The Year in Web Standards“. It’s a short, but informative article that talks about HTML5, CSS3, webfonts & more.

    The argument of HTML5 vs Flash is something we would like to comment on. We see flash as an asset to be used where needed, similar to Javascript. Flash is great if used well, but the days of having a fully flash-developed site are well and truly over. Companies like Nike and Adidas always go the extra mile for their microsites and viral marketing, and flash can be very impressive in these areas. However, with HTML5 & CSS3 working hard to compete, it won’t be long before they have a solid offering of their own.

    The future of web development becomes more exciting every day, and something we at LHM are very passionate to be part of.

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