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  1. Social media trends for 2014

    Social media trends for 2014

    2013 was a busy year in the social sphere. We saw teenagers fall out of love with Facebook and move onto edgier, less commercial networks. Twitter went public and purchased Vine, bringing short video advertising to the masses. Instagram and LinkedIn joined the sponsored post bandwagon, with Google+ set to follow suit. So, what’s left for 2014? A lot, it would seem. Here’s our round-up of the top trends set to take the social world by storm this year…

    Pay to play

    Last year, Twitter ads became more accessible to smaller business, LinkedIn and Instagram introduced promoted posts and Facebook cryptically announced a reduction in organic post visibility to round off a boom year for social advertising. Some speculate the Facebook push for advertising will see organic posts reach as little as just 2.5% of your total fan base. This means social ads are going to become increasingly important in getting your message across and reaching your target audience so expect to carry out advertising on a regular basis. Gone are the days of only sponsoring key campaigns.

    The underdog bites back

    With the bigger names in social becoming ever more commercial, expect to see small business with lower budgets turn to niche platforms to get their message across. This is where the likes of Vine and Snapchat will really come into their own and, with it, some more exciting and creative social strategies.

    Video is the new king

    Good content is the cornerstone of effective social media marketing and 2013 saw imagery become even more important, with Twitter increasing the display size of timeline images and Facebook upping the size of link thumbnails. The result? We’re becoming more visual than ever so it’s only natural that we’ll start to see a shift towards video content. YouTube will continue to dominate, but no doubt we’ll see some cutting edge short video ads from top brands thanks to Vine and Instagram’s new video feature.

    Share, share, share!

    Social media isn’t just about likes and follows anymore, it’s about engagement and most vital is the share. When fans share your content, you reach an entirely new audience and if they cared enough to share, you’re on your way to creating some key brand advocates. So, shareable content (think images and video again) will be crucial to your strategy. Ask questions, invite opinion, get creative – just get people talking and most importantly, sharing!

    So, those are our predictions for the year ahead. Have we missed anything? What are your key social trends for 2014? Leave us a comment or drop us line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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