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  1. Our Social Media tour completed

    Our Social Media tour completed

    LHM have completed a number of seminars for the Business Centre Association regional meetings in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Edinburgh.

    The BCA provide support and guidance to the business centre and workspace industry in the UK, Dubai, Mexico and California. Our focus for the seminars was how to motivate customers online, primarily with the use of Social Media.

    The seminars proved to be a great success and everybody importantly took something away from the sessions, we covered a lot of ground.

    It was surprising to some of the businesses that attended that their competitors were actually utilising Social Media already to generate sales, far from just having a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Some were generating huge traffic, leads and revenues from customers online.

    Many of the questions we answered included where to start, how to measure and why to listen.

    My favourite question of the event was “isn’t social media just too social and losing the business side of it all?”

    The important thing that I hope people took away from it was a fresh approach to networking, how they perceived social media and an understanding that people buy on friendship, not salesmanship. And isn’t that just what’s so exciting about the world of Social Media? It breaks down barriers that we all face when networking and brings people together in an environment that they are comfortable with, whether transparent or not.

    By the way, Edinburgh Castle is lovely!

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