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  1. LHM’s favourite commercials of 2011

    LHM’s favourite commercials of 2011

    Twenty eleven has seen some superb advertising, and recently the Aldi tea ad has been voted the ‘most liked’ ad of the year. Indeed it’s a worthy contender for our No.1 too.

    The Aldi ad ‘Gin Loving Pensioner’ was very brave for the Aldi brand and agency to run with, but it worked and connected with the public even though questions were asked about the use of alcohol in the piece. We thought it would be great to bring them all together and enjoy in the LHM blog. We think you’ll enjoy them just as much as we did.

    1. Aldi Tea: McCann Manchester

    2. Nokia Lumia 800: Buzzman

    3. Yeo Valley: BBH

    4. Müller: TBWA\London

    5. WKD: Big Communications

    6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: McCann Worldgroup New York

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