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  1. LHM turns red, white and blue for Jubilee

    LHM turns red, white and blue for Jubilee

    LHM is pleased to be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee this weekend.

    Isn’t it nice just to be able to spend a bit of time with family and friends (and the neighbours) to mark the occasion?

    The Queen at 86, has been a truly inspirational monarch. With a real focus on unity within the country’s increasingly diverse communities, and with a schedule just as busy as anyone of us.

    Her great strength is of course her commitment to moving with the times. Being able to stay far enough away from politics, yet remain in touch with her people and the wider world. And surely this is the benchmark for any great agency too.

    Brands have been said to be cashing in on the Diamond Jubilee. And understandably so. According to research from Mars, we’ll fork out an extra £334m on food and treats alone.

    Let’s enjoy some of the best Jubilee ideas:

    Kit Kat – Brit Kat

    Marmite – Ma’amite

    Mr Kipling – Great British Fancies

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