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  1. LHM join the BCA Conference 2011

    LHM join the BCA Conference 2011

    On 16th & 17th May the LHM team had the pleasure of exhibiting and speaking at the Business Centre Association (BCA) Conference 2011. The event was based at Hilton, Canary Wharf and featured some of the major players from the serviced office and workspace industry.

    In addition to being a registered trade supplier to the BCA, LHM are proud to be handling the social media for the trade association too. Leading up to the event, we had been working hard to make sure the event was a success using social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and web marketing. To our delight a Korean delegate learnt about the event through the BCA Facebook page and turned up for the event. That’s what social media is about!

    We gave a talk on the Monday about the importance of content marketing; this was well received by the delegates. The message was that you don’t need to be a social media guru to benefit from web marketing, but you do need great content.

    Great content can come from anywhere within an organisation, but it normally comes from its people and expertise. We talked in detail about the importance of organisations knowing why they do what they do, not what they do. To us, this is what branding is all about. Belief and trust in an organisations service, product and people. People buy what you believe, not what you do.

    Justin Uquhart Stewart -  BCA Conference (Image) We were treated to some great speakers at the event, including Justin Urquhart Stewart director and co-founder of Seven Investment Management. Justin is one of the trusted finance commentators in Britain and has monitored the retail market industry for 20 years whilst at Barclays Stockbrokers, developing a unique understanding of the market’s roles and benefits for the private investor.

    Caspar Berry - BCA Conference 2011 (Image)Another thought provoking speaker was Caspar Berry who began his career as the lead in the first series of Byker Grove. He then went on to read Economics and Anthropology at Cambridge and – after setting his sights on being a professional film writer – had his first screenplay produced by Film Four while still in his third year of university. By the time he was 23 he was writing for Miramax and Columbia Tri Star then at 25 moved to Las Vegas; and became a professional poker player.

    The delegates at the event were all talking about the effects that digital had on their industry, and the benefits of ‘cloud’ computing to the serviced office industry. One of the main ones is flexibility. Cloud computing means staff will access files and data that they need even when working remotely or if working outside office hours.

    We were delighted to be part of this conference amongst people who are shaping this thriving £1.2bn industry and committed to the UK staying the no.1 location in the world for office space. For more information on joining the BCA check out the site: www.bca.uk.com

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