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  1. How to enhance your next email campaign

    How to enhance your next email campaign

    Email. You probably receive hundreds of them a day.

    You probably only open them from colleagues, clients and suppliers familiar to you. It’s fascinating to think that in 2013 with all the amazing tools available to us, email continues to be one the most popular ways for brands to communicate with customers.

    It’s a low cost tool, it’s measurable (for those that use software) and you’ll probably have your customer database feeding in to your software 24/7. It’s a no brainer.

    Our biggest challenge as marketers is to stand out above the noise, tech savvy consumers are becoming more aware of how to ignore email, and are now supported by Gmail and Hotmail providing even smarter inboxes to help drive your product or service in to a separate folder (the spam one) than their inbox.  Also setting the expectation when they sign up about what they’ll receive will pay dividends.

    We’re all engaged by new things, learning, relevant information and feeling valued. Consumers will be now feeling fatigue by the voucher code, the get it now and going fast email. They are also feeling fatigue from the speed in which information is being passed to them using social media channels.

    So how do we create emails that work for both the user, for your brand and smash last month’s open rates? It’s something we challenge ourselves with daily, and one example is The Policy Shop who we have developed consistent and successful campaigns for that are well above insurance industry average open rates, converting users to purchase new premiums and refer new clients.

    lhm-the-policy-shopThe Subject Line

    Many studies have been created to assess email subject lines and it’s understandable that they make the difference between your email being opened and it staying unopened or binned. The average person receives up to 100 emails a day, so make it count.

    According to Mailchimp “When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.”

    Here’s a great infographic explaining how to write the perfect opening line from Litmus and with the amount of characters required for success. As you’ll see, short and sweet wins the day. Emails with 28-39 characters had the highest click rates and setting the right level of expectation of what’s inside is a must.

    The Viewers

    Knowledge of what your audience expect and need to receive by following you is critical to keeping and growing your database, if not they will unsubscribe leaving little chance of converting them back in to your email plans for a while.

    Email provides almost the perfect scenario to understand what users require from your communication with them, and timing and relevance is everything.

    For example a generic email featuring a mix of products, services, advice, content and links to other areas such as social media channels helps to gain understanding, leaving you (or hopefully your software) to segment the customers in to groups for even more targeted approach for success.

    Here’s a very useful chart that helps to understand how UK companies are utilising email courtesy of the Econsultancy & Adestra Email Marketing Census 2012.

    Email usage 2012 - LHM Media

    Written by Ian Hughes Managing Director of LHM Media

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