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  1. Holy Lego Bricks, Batman!

    Holy Lego Bricks, Batman!

    One of the most anticipated films of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises will be Director Christopher Nolan’s third and final instalment of his superb reinvention of the Batman franchise.

    Rumours started to circulate about whether Nolan would be tempted to conclude the trilogy – something he’d previously played-down – in light of the deserved success of his Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight.

    These whispers then moved onto who would return, and who would be introduced. Was there anyone who could follow-up the tragic Heath Ledger’s incredible portrayal of The Joker? One of the favourite ideas circulating the web was casting Johnny Depp as The Riddler.

    As time went on, all kinds of stories were suggested, discussed and eventually confirmed. Nolan and his team had settled on an epic way to end his journey.

    We found out that the likes of Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and of course Christian Bale were all set for another outing. There was also intriguing talk regarding Scarecrow Cillian Murphy, and even more intriguing was the possibility of Liam Neeson reprising his role as Ra’s Al Ghul.

    Eyebrows were raised when casting was further revealed, and news that Anne Hathaway would be playing the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman received mixed reviews. There was little surprise, however, and little complaint when names like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard were confirmed. A great actor and actress respectively, they worked under Nolan on his brilliant, mind-bending movie Inception.

    Nolan also returned to this masterpiece to end the search for his new villain. Enter Bane. The task of bringing to life one of Batman’s toughest enemies was confidently handed to Tom Hardy.

    So with July 20th drawing ever-closer, with two posters and a couple of great trailers out there, the anticipation is higher than ever. Everybody has once again come down with Bat-fever!

    As well as the many hundreds of fan-made movie posters/trailers around, there have been some fantastic takes on the movie. None more-so than this truly brilliant stop-motion effort from film and animation group Paranickfilmz using LEGO®.

    lhm - Bane - The Dark Knight Rises 2012Each scene from the second trailer that was released has been brilliantly recreated using LEGO® bricks and custom-made characters, as well as some additional effects.

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