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  1. We’re hiring!

    We’re hiring!

    They say that a sum is only ever as great as its parts. At LHM, we don’t settle for producing anything less than great work, and that’s why we’re looking for two new managers to join the equation and make our sum greater than ever!

    Firstly, we’re looking for an Account Manager to work with top level clients on internationally recognised brands, able to understand requirements and objectives of the businesses we work for. You need to be able to get the best out of your internal team, enabling you to present the most effective solution back to the client.

    Getting under the skin of the client is essential, understanding the audience, the industries and the issues. You aren’t afraid of challenging clients’ assumptions and uncover innovative solutions. You can spot opportunities to grow your clients, with or without a direct brief. You can find the full job spec <here>, get in touch and let us know if you think this might be the role for you.

    Maybe your managerial skills would be better suited to a project-based role? We’re also looking for a Project Manager to plan, oversee and finalise projects according to their deadlines and budget. This includes liaison with the internal team and external resources (freelancers, third party suppliers etc.) in order to deliver projects according to plan. This role also requires management of the client to collect assets, obtain approvals at different stages of the project etc. For a full spec, click on the roles above!

    Both roles require extremely organised, personable professionals with a keen attention to detail. Having a great sense of humour and top team spirit wouldn’t go amiss either (nor would top baking skills but don’t worry about adding that into your CV!)

    Please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and find out more about what you could bring to our team! info@lhmmedia.com

    Confidentiality guaranteed!

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