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  1. Has Felix helped give Red Bull wings?

    Has Felix helped give Red Bull wings?

    This week, Austrian base jumper and part-time space explorer Felix Baumgartner became the first man to break the sound barrier in freefall by jumping from the edge of space at a height of 128,000 feet. The feat rightly gained global news coverage, and also shattered world records for its 2-hour live stream on YouTube, which generated 8 million simultaneous views.

    Naturally, this feat was years in the planning and involved a huge team of experts in medicine, engineering, aviators and meteorologists. But one of the most extraordinary things about the project, is that it was primarily backed and organised by energy drink brand, Red Bull.  Not NASA… not the Russian Space Federation… but Red Bull.

    According to Forbes, Red Bull’s sponsorship of this event was the equivalent of ‘tens of millions of dollars of brand exposure’. By giving Felix Baumgartner this platform, they have potentially given organisations like NASA teachings that could save the future lives of astronauts and even future space tourists by bailing out when encountering trouble on the edge of the atmosphere.

    Red Bull marketing executives can sit back in their fully reclined leather chairs, looking deservedly smug, safe in the knowledge that what was effectively a ‘marketing stunt’ has gone far further than just increasing their brand exposure and acted as a good fit with their ‘X-treme’ sports affiliation.

    Sure the expense, time and resource of putting together such an extraordinary event would have been ‘stratospheric’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist), but Red Bull have redefined what a brand is able to achieve with what could well have been an off-the-wall idea mentioned in a marketing brainstorm at Red Bull HQ. They should be applauded for having the brass to realise such a bold idea, and have set a new benchmark for global brands to better. To infinity… and beyond!!

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