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  1. Christmas and your marketing success

    Christmas and your marketing success

    It’s official. I’m excited about Christmas.

    Alongside saving the pennies for novelty socks, what can marketers be doing to ensure clients are successful during the Christmas Period?

    The best advice is to ‘plan ahead’. Christmas is an fascinating time for business.

    For some of our B2C clients in retail it’s the busiest time of the year, particularly those with E-Commerce sites preparing those last minute purchases. For businesses in the B2B world, it is a time where things slowdown in the supply chain.

    With this in mind, we’ve started working with clients earlier than ever this year to plan their Christmas and New Year campaigns to make sure they exploit opportunities the festive season can bring.

    Christmas is the perfect time to introduce new products or services to the market as customers are in the mind-set to embrace new ideas and receive communications from companies. For some, it’s a great time just to say a simple ‘thank you’ for the previous year’s business.

    Here are my top 3 tips for a successful digital marketing plan this Christmas:

    Prepare quality content

    Although the technology to deliver great content may be complicated, a content strategy could be your greatest selling tool. Content for sharing, informing and adding value to your customers and that will generate adoration for your business.

    Be in it to win it

    As your business grows you may find that there are specific keywords that best represent your company’s services or products that you’re not using.

    Half the battle with Search, Pay-per-click and Social Media campaigns is knowing what you’re customers want, and how they find it. The right content, coupled with the right keywords can be a much more powerful solution to winning business than you might think.

    Don’t give to receive (although it helps)

    Your response rate will be much higher if content is personalised.

    Think of an email campaign. We find on average a 30% increase in open rate if content is personalised, meaningful and wrapped up in a way that makes your audience want to open it.

    This works across social media too. If you’re truly engaged with the audience, truly listen to them and consistently provide great content. They’ll promote, recommend and stay loyal to your brand all year round.

    Written by Emma Estill
    Digital Marketing and mulled wine extraordinaire

    Follow Emma on Twitter : twitter.com/emmalhm

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