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  1. Car manafacturers go for virtual experience

    Car manafacturers go for virtual experience

    New research by GfK demonstrates the new techniques car manufacturers are using to move away from traditional showroom selling, to tempt first time buyers  who may be willing to purchase a vehicle online.

    The research looked at the attitudes of 1,000 Britons towards car ownership and the young are understood to be purchasing less cars, meaning car manufacturers are employing new ways to give consumers a new way to experience the products than the ‘hard selling’ techniques we’re used to.

    “It’s apparent that car ownership is still very important,” says GfK divisional director Damian Long. “However, brand strategies are changing. Connecting with potential first time buyers is key because the less involvement a driver has with the car, the less they consider them important.

    People are doing a lot of research before they go to the dealership. When they get there, most have made up their minds about which car they are seriously interested in. The challenge for manufacturers is to get into people’s mindsets when they are doing their research online and before they go to the dealership.”

    Click on the image to view the infographic and headline trends as featured in Marketing Week:

    Trends Automotive 2013



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