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  1. Best UK Photo Book award for CEWE

    Best UK Photo Book award for CEWE

    The LHM team are all thrilled at the news that The Gadget Show has awarded our client CEWE PHOTOBOOK the award for ‘Best UK Photo Book’ achieving 5G’s (5 Star).

    They tested all aspects of 10 competitors to create a photo book utilising the bespoke software used to create the photo book through to the quality of the finished printed product.

    The CEWE PHOTOBOOKS were praised for just about every aspect, the comprehensive but easy to use creator software, our exclusive ability to add QR codes into each book which play a video on the readers smartphone when scanned along with the “vibrant colours” of the printed photos.

    Photoworld is the retail website for CEWE PHOTOBOOKS operated by CEWE Ltd, who are Europe’s leading photo finishers. They have 12 state-of-the-art production facilities across the continent, employing over 3,000 people, in 24 countries and serving 33,000 retail partners.

    They produced around 2.5 billion photo prints and over 5.6 million CEWE PHOTOBOOKS in 2009 as well as a huge array of photo gifts, including photo calendars, personalised greeting cards and home decoration products. Each of these unique products is produced using the very latest in technology and machinery to exacting standards. So you can be sure that your photos are in safe hands with CEWE.

    If you want to get started on creating your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK then take a look here: http://www.photoworld.co.uk/photo-books.html

    To watch The Gadget Show review, click here


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