Friday Findings: 2nd edition

We’re back with the second edition of Friday Findings – a regular round-up of the news and stories that have captured our interest this week.


How big is Snapchat?

Starting out just a few years ago, Snapchat created a brand-new online behaviour and rose to fame quickly in the digital world, allowing users to send photo and video messages (also known as Snaps) that self-destruct after 10 seconds.

So how is Snapchat doing today? Well, considering that it would take you 10 years to view all the photos shared on it in the last hour, we think it’s doing pretty well. Take a look at a great piece of research on the CEWE website for more interesting stats, including how many photos are shared every second.

Apple Maps

Apple working on a rival to Google’s Street View?

From 15th June until the end of the month, Apple will be sending cars around the UK and Ireland to take pictures as part of future updates for their maps, which could be considered a rival for Google’s Street View. When it was launched in 2012, users of Apple Maps complained about the numerous geographical errors, for which the company eventually apologised and has since then made major improvements.

Apple will provide updates on where the cars are on their website and has explained that it “will blur faces and licence plates on collected images prior to publication” as part of their commitment to privacy.

Real Grand Theft Auto

We can’t handle this real life GTA video

Kids, don’t try this at home! If you’ve ever wondered what beloved action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto 5 would look like in real life, then you’ll want to watch production house Corridor Digital’s incredible recreation.

Complete with classic actions such as punching innocent people, stealing cars and killing gang members, the video nails the characters’ movements and camera angles right down to the very last detail.